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Karen Dreams

Karen Dreams FaceHere is a little about how I came up with Karen Dreams as my site name. The Karen part comes from my real name, my older sister named me Karen, after one of her best friends from when she was growing up. When I was 18, I got a tattoo done on my lower back, you know, the tramp stamp. But what does my tattoo mean? It means "dream", and ever since I was a kid, I would daydream of being a model one day. Dreams do come true, and now I have my own modeling site. ☺

When people discovered my site, they were shocked. Growing up, I was the boy that my Dad never had. I would play catch with him, shoot hoops (GO Syracuse), and on sundays, we would wake up extra early to go fishing on his boat. I was definately a tomboy for most of my teen years. Once the word got out, about me being a naughty girl on the Internet, people were dumbfounded.

Karen.. XOXX

Breaking News

I have some really exciting news! Phil-flash is my new webmaster. He will be running my site from now on. We have a shoot scheduled too! That means I will become a phil-flash girl soon! I hope that he still has that "p-f Girl" belt! I think there is a chance I can shoot with DawnAvril too! I better tone up, because... it's been awhile since I have been in front of the camera, knowing phil... he's gonna want my face down and my ass up!

Karen all wet
The last time I went to shoot with phil, he got me so wet. I can't imagine what he's gonna do to me this time.
Sexy Cheerleader
I hate this picture, but phil-flash insisted. He says I look really pretty in it... I hope you agree ☺
Blue Sweatsuit
Do you like this pose? I know phil-flash does, I remember shooting with him and MeganQt... I think it was his mission to get us into this pose. All I remember hearing him say was "put your face down and your ass up! Keep your back arched!" LOL ☺
Inbetween My Legs
Come do me!
portrait of Karen
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